Monday, July 18

My butterfly moments

It’s sort of a weekend ritual for me – go to my favorite coffee shop, order my hot frothy coffee and sit down in a quiet corner. The favorite one too, especially when I experience my ‘Butterfly Moments.’

These moments have become very precious for me - they are moments of reflection, moments of gentle thought towards all things sugar n spice, also the moments of inspiration. The inspiration may be from observing a person, from the lovely, old couple enjoying their coffee together, from love-birds playing footsie, or from a song playing on the radio. I may meet someone and share a smile or a word with them, that conversation may also inspire.

They are always genuine. Beautiful and graceful, colorful and vibrant, varied and enchanting, small yet approachable, random and so powerful that I always end up smiling. Very much like butterflies that lead you to the sunny side of life. Hence, the name :)

One of such moments inspired me to write again – for I realized there is so much to share! I’ve realized that life always seems so very busy - if we don’t stop to ponder, so much may pass by unnoticed. I’ve also realized that I would not my want my precious moments to fade into the morning air as I wake up, or that at some point I just can’t hang on to their meanings.

Here’s to some of those beautiful reminiscences. After all, everyone deserves a little sunshine!