Wednesday, August 24

Those pieces of your life...

Those pieces of your life, the ones you call 'friends' are mysterious.

Sometimes they stick with you forever, but mostly they fade out. Exactly, like the way seasons fade, making room for fresh. There are some you know for a long time, growing closer only little by little and enriching every moment of it, with whom we find a strong and necessary connection - like our own life. Then may be those too who just pass by. 

What's that one quality that connects me to any person, I think. I know it's something deeper and more meaningful than just being hardworking, caring, honest, witty or may be serious. There is definitely something more enriching that I seek. 

My best friends are people who know who they are. They have faced challenges and are thankful for that. They are courageous to take risks and are proud of it. They celebrate the bad stuff equally as they celebrate the good. Like everyone else, they too get frustated and stand up again. They crib and make our life hell. But no, they won't let anyone else do the same!

Isn't this same thing that makes the best characters in books? We cry when they fall. We cheer when they succeed. We watch them evolve and grow, and yet they remain steadfast. They work and we get bored. They move away from us, yet we know they are the closest. They laugh and we are happy. They pray and we feel blessed. They want life to get better and more radiant. For themselves and for everyone around. They are joy. 

I think I know what a good friend has to have for me - strength of character.

Tuesday, August 16

For Julie

Now this one is my very special of the 'butterfly moments' and goes specially for Julie!

Last Saturday while sipping coffee, one of the usual firangs(or so I thought!) asked me if she could sit with me. She was Julie, a charming air-hostess in Air Canada. The more we talked, the more I was impressed by her. Thinking that she is another foreigner on a spree to India, the super casual question came from my side – Are you a tourist?

To my utter surprise, I was wrong!

“Anushree, I work for a women development NGO in India. I’ve come here just for 2 days to pick up the baby clothes made by them. I sell them in Canada, or wherever I go on my trip and send them the money back.”

This was a simple answer to a simpler question. But, it stirred me for a while.

- I don’t believe this, Julie! 2 days, Canada to India, just for this purpose?

“Yes, just for this! There are some things that needs no explanation and have no purpose. They are as they are, because they are meant to be that way!”

- Okay. But why India?

And, there came the most beautiful of answers I’ve ever heard –

"Contributing for a beautiful deed in the land of beautiful people…"

Speechless. Aren’t you?