Friday, November 25

The Time is 'Now'

Yesterday evening was beautiful.

Not because I had one free evening after days of stretched work. Not because I was feeling fresh after an evening shower or because the weather was perfect for a hazy wintery walk. Infact, the streets were crowded and horns were honking, people were hurrying to get home and rest seemed busy with their own lives. 

It was perfect because I could observe the bizzareness round. The breeze, the honking of cars, the whooshing of the wind in my ears, the way a dog scampered away across the walk, the chuckle of the kid when I smiled at him, maddening traffic, the cycle that went by, the playground and yellow lights.

There was no thought of what had gone by. There was no anxiety at what would be coming. There was this one thought-less, stretched out minute of bizarre happiness when I was in perfect harmony with the world and myself.

Not realizing the time, I asked an old man passing by, "What time is it?"
He smiled and said, "Time?! Why, it's Now! It's always the 'Now'!"

And so it always is, isn't it?