Tuesday, August 16

For Julie

Now this one is my very special of the 'butterfly moments' and goes specially for Julie!

Last Saturday while sipping coffee, one of the usual firangs(or so I thought!) asked me if she could sit with me. She was Julie, a charming air-hostess in Air Canada. The more we talked, the more I was impressed by her. Thinking that she is another foreigner on a spree to India, the super casual question came from my side – Are you a tourist?

To my utter surprise, I was wrong!

“Anushree, I work for a women development NGO in India. I’ve come here just for 2 days to pick up the baby clothes made by them. I sell them in Canada, or wherever I go on my trip and send them the money back.”

This was a simple answer to a simpler question. But, it stirred me for a while.

- I don’t believe this, Julie! 2 days, Canada to India, just for this purpose?

“Yes, just for this! There are some things that needs no explanation and have no purpose. They are as they are, because they are meant to be that way!”

- Okay. But why India?

And, there came the most beautiful of answers I’ve ever heard –

"Contributing for a beautiful deed in the land of beautiful people…"

Speechless. Aren’t you?


  1. Wow, so rare to find people so humble and kind such as her these days,
    they make getting up every morning so much worth it, thank you for sharing your story :) :)

  2. Thanks Yoshimaro :) - why can't I comment on your posts? You write from your heart! :)

  3. Hi! thank you so much for your kind words, i'm not sure why blogspot isn't letting people post on my blg. I have a mirror for my posts on here :( sorry about that! feel free to visit me at the address below on my other blog too if you like :)

    Thank you so much again for visiting :)
    Andy :)

  4. Ya.. if we look around, life is full of beautiful people :). you are one of them...
    Lately I was reading 'I have a dream' by Rashmi Bansal... its about Social Enterprenurs, not about her writing style but the story shared are so inspirational. Do read, if you havent already..

    there is so much to do.. and there is so much we can do in our current roles.. current responsibilities.. in all ways..

    And Di, you know what.. your writing has changed slightly.. its not that intense.. there is a differnt element to it....a lightness...may be the happiness in your life is getting reflected here.... Touch' Wood :)

  5. @Nicky - some things never change, it's just one of those phases I guess :)