Tuesday, January 24

Silent Conversations

Experiencing one of those difficult moments when I'd like to spread comfort, hugs, some silence, faith and lots of love around me. For there is absolutely nothing to say to people who have lost their dear ones - mother, father and just two-months old son.

I've seen their lonely eyes and sad smiles. I've also witnessed the superb strength of character with which they are moving on with life, and their doesn't silent demeanor doesn't even reveal a small something of the turbulence inside.

It becomes all the more difficult when all these people are acquaintances, not close, and I absolutely do not believe in formal condolences. I wish I could share few moments with each one of them - not to ask what happened and why or to say any words that I do not mean from heart, but to tell them they are loved and that I've learned some big lessons of life from them. I hope I get a chance for this later.

For now, silent tears and strong prayers should do some work. They better do!


  1. AnonymousJuly 02, 2012

    I also have faith in it and doing the same ...silent tears and wtrong prayers !!!!