Thursday, February 9

Snippet of time...

There is an unending circle that surrounds us in our everyday life: one that encompasses our very being and touches our core, a spirit of gratitude that greets us with sunrise and tucks us into bed next to the stars. It also encapsulates the beauty in people, of moments and things unnoticed and untold - a book, warm cup of coffee,  warm smile from a passing-by stranger, small butterfly that fluttered by and the scent of summers, the swaying of cold winds that do not want to leave and the stillness of fog, the sound of religious chants in the temple across the street and the anticipation of the events ahead. 

These and many, many more others are things that are there and need to be accepted with an open and grateful heart - for without them, your day would be at a toss! Then and only then can we experience the true blessings of life.

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